Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of PARTNER-to-PROFIT?

  • Reduces planning time and accelerates implementation
  • Increases collaboration across the alliance partnership teams
  • Drives innovation through greater insights
  • Spotlights revenue, expenses and profit over a period of time
  • Delivers data/insights to fact driven decision making
  • Lowers the cost of maintaining and managing a planning tool
  • Complements existing planning practices

What is the PARTNER-to-PROFIT feature that makes it so unique?

  • In addition to its ability to forecast – broken out for each alliance-partner - income, expenses and profit PARTNER-to-PROFIT enables real time “What If?” modeling.
  • Imagine the impact to bottom line performance that –for example – different approaches to jointly marketing and selling might have…or adjustments to the joint offering that innovation might yield.

How is PARTNER-to-PROFIT most commonly implemented?

  • To model and create the profile of a potential alliance partner
  • For alliance partners to work jointly in the creation of a plan
  • To audit and assess the health and direction of an existing alliance partnership

How else might I use PARTNER-to-PROFIT?

  • To analyze the financial and operational performance of a line-of-business that does not involve an alliance-partner.

Is PARTNER-to-PROFIT just another PRM (Partner Relationship Management) system?

  • No. PRM systems are designed for manufacturer's to cultivate and manage a pool or "ecosystem" of channel partner's.  PARTNER-to-PROFIT is designed to optimize the performance of select business relationships.  PRM systems are collections of sales tools built around a "One-on-Many" business model.  PARTNER-to-PROFIT is a robust business planning and analysis tool that supports "One-on-One" or "One-on- Few" collaborative relationships.

Do I have to install anything on my computer to use PARTNER-to-PROFIT?

  • No. PARTNER-to-PROFIT is “Internet Cloud” deployed and accessed from a browser, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What types of companies or individuals stand to benefit from using PARTNER-to-PROFIT?

  • Companies that practice business planning as a core tenet of their culture
  • Companies that strive for fact driven decision making
  • Individuals or groups who are measured and compensated on the alliance partnerships in their portfolios
  • “Sell With” alliance partnerships
  • Alliance partnerships of consequence whose performance effect the success of the company

How can I explore how PARTNER-to-PROFIT can benefit me?

  • Send an email to to let the team know that you would like to learn more about PARTNER-to-PROFIT.

How much does PARTNER-to-PROFIT cost?

  • The cost of PARTNER-to-PROFIT is determined by multiple factors including number of users, duration of license, education, etc. Send a note to and the team will be happy to determine the best plan for you.

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